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      New Mimio MyBot Recruit is Ready for Classrooms!

      Posted by Boxlight on Jun 15, 2023 9:30:00 AM

      Introducing-Mimio-MyBot Recruit

      Introducing robotics and programming to K-8 students helps them develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration skills while making learning hands-on and fun. Robotics education also encourages students to actively engage with their learning. Mimio by Boxlight has long been a proponent of preparing students for a future of diverse opportunities and experiences through their educational technology solutions, including STEM focused products. Today MimioSTEM is introducing the next generation of its popular and award-winning MyBot with the Mimio MyBot Recruit. 


      Recruit upgrades the award-winning MimioSTEM MyBot to a fully assembled educational robotics system with a user-friendly interface, and WiFi connectivity. The comprehensive design of the MyBot Recruit makes it a perfect out-of-the-box STEM education solution for K-8 students.  

      Key features of the new MyBot Recruit include: 

      • Color and magnet sensors, two proximity detectors and an integrating gyro-sensor to optimize STEM lessons and project-based learning experiences. 
      • Easy to use interface so users can create programs with graphical coding, block coding, and text-based coding languages giving students all the tools they need to advance their skills from simple drag-and-drop coding to more complex Python coding.

      • No software installation needed to control the Recruit, just a  WiFi-enabled device such as a Chromebook and a standard web browser, allowing users to maximize learning space and opportunities without complex setups.  

      • On-device access to programming and hardware reference guides, tutorials and more, for efficient management of support needs.
      • Access to MyBot-specific lessons and Design Challenges from the award-winning STEM curriculum platform. Teachers can save time and energy from having to create or search for appropriate lessons. MyBot resources on MyStemKits includes lessons and tutorials to help guide teachers and students.
      • Add multiple activity mats specifically designed to enhance robotics learning in the classroom, such as city maps, and Mars and Moon maps. 



      We are excited to introduce the new Mimio MyBot Recruit educational robotics system to teachers and students and are confident that this user-friendly, out-of-the-box solution will quickly become a favorite for enhancing STEM education.  

      To request a demo, please click here. 


      We invite you to explore our award-winning STEM education solutions that are helping transform classrooms, science labs, and makerspaces – MimioSTEM 

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