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      Unlock the Power of STEM: STEM Wednesdays with MimioSTEM

      Posted by MimioSTEM on Jul 26, 2023 11:21:50 AM

      Why is STEM education important in today's rapidly changing world, and how does it benefit students in their future endeavors and overall learning experience? 

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      MimioSTEM Wins Excellence in Equity Award for Best STEM Solution

      Posted by Boxlight on Nov 15, 2022 1:51:50 PM

      Boxlight is proud to announce that our own MimioSTEM was named Best STEM Solution in the inaugural Excellence in Equity Awards program presented by the American Consortium for Equity in Education (ACE-ED). This competitive awards program honoring schools, educators, and industry received more than 160 total nominations from across the U.S. and abroad. 

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      MyStemKits STEM Lessons Aligned with TEKS for Math and Science

      Posted by Boxlight on Oct 14, 2021 9:10:00 AM

      We’ve got great news! The award-winning MyStemKits STEM curriculum, a Boxlight MimioSTEM solution, is now aligned with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for Mathematics and Science. What does this mean? Teachers in Texas who are planning integrated, innovative, hands-on STEM lessons and activities don’t have to look further than to find them! 

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      The Big Guide to STEM Volume 3 Now Available

      Posted by Boxlight on Jul 28, 2021 9:15:00 AM

      It has become increasingly obvious that the inclusion of STEM – science, technology, engineering, mathematics - in a well-balanced instructional plan is critical. With the growing need for STEM-educated individuals to fill STEM jobs, students in schools today need the skills necessary for these jobs. This includes critical thinking and reasoning skills, collaboration and communication skills, and developing creative solutions to problems. Students clearly need consistent and varied STEM learning experiences, and educators need the resources to support them. 

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      PODCAST: Motivating Young Women in STEM

      Posted by Boxlight on Apr 14, 2021 9:15:00 AM

      Hannah Olson, Co-Creator of the award-winning MyStemKits STEM Curriculum, recently spoke with Larry Jacobs from Equity and Access Pre K-12 ( on the topic of STEM education and careers, particularly encouraging young women to explore what STEM has to offer.

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      Case Study: Science Comes to Life Using MyStemKits Curriculum

      Posted by Boxlight on Feb 4, 2021 9:00:00 AM

      Bob Wallace, a now retired high school biology teacher in Crawfordville, Florida, was resolute in his goal that his students graduate with a full range of academic skill sets and technical knowledge that would prepare them for a successful future. In his over 30 years of teaching, he found that textbooks alone could rarely explain important concepts that kept his students engaged and employed a variety of strategies to explain difficult science concepts to his students. He was consistently on the lookout for options that would keep his students engaged. He stated, “Over the years, I’ve used a lot of different things. I have done drawings on boards, still magnets, and I’ve used beads – the beads go bouncing all over the place and you end up losing all of them.”

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      Case Study: Preparing Youth for Success in the 21st Century

      Posted by Boxlight on Jan 28, 2021 9:15:00 AM

      Christine Tarver, a former 5th grade teacher in Florida, wanted her students to experience hands-on learning combined with emerging technologies, understanding that by doing so they were more likely to develop the critical skills necessary for the 21st century.

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      PODCAST: Skills Needed for Quality STEM Education

      Posted by Melizza Cuizon on Nov 18, 2020 11:06:04 AM

      “STEM can be affordable. STEM can be easy-to-implement. You just need to know where to go and what to do.” – Braydon Moreno, co-founder of Robo 3D

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      Virtual STEM Lessons for All Learning Environments

      Posted by Boxlight on Nov 4, 2020 9:00:00 AM

      In response to the growing need for incorporating quality STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) instruction while distance learning, MyStemKits, a division of MimioSTEM, has created Virtual STEM Kits. These 10 kits are designed to work with MyStemKits standards-driven lessons to continue important STEM learning regardless of the learning environment.

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