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      A School Modernizes with Clevertouch Technology Solutions

      Posted by Boxlight on Nov 11, 2021 9:15:00 AM

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      Quarrydale Academy, an ambitious secondary school (Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottingham, UK), prides itself on the pursuit of excellence. "We want to encourage all learners to develop a love of learning and enable everyone to reach the highest standards of which they are capable," stated Joanna Wells, Business Manager at Quarrydale Academy.  

      To help reach that goal, the academy has undergone a significant upgrade of their audiovisual infrastructure to support teachers and learning. Wells commented, “As an educator, it is our job to ensure we have the correct equipment throughout the school to reach our high expectations and ensure that students can always achieve their best." 

      After an introduction and demonstration Roche AV, a Clevertouch® Technologies partner, Quarrydale decided to invest in 57 Clevertouch interactive displays, including its remote management system that allows administrators to control, manage, and update Clevertouch technology from one place, saving time and effort for all staff.  

      Other key features of Clevertouch interactive displays include: 

      • Super Glide Touch technology that makes writing on the touchscreen fluid and smooth 
      • Infinity Whiteboarding so users never run out of space for annotations, creating lists, adding images and shapes, and more 
      • Connection with up to 50 devices to share images, video, and audio directly to and from the display 

      When Quarrydale Academy staff were trained on the different tools and features of the Clevertouch interactive display, Gareth Middleton, Clevertouch Technologies Product Specialist observed, “The teachers of Quarrydale were highly receptive to all of the features on their new interactive touchscreens coupled with the presentation software I showed them. I know their students will benefit greatly from the engaging learning experiences their teachers can now create for them.” 

      To read the full Quarrydale Academy success story, click here. 

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