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      Attention! Wins Best Technology Solution for Student Safety (Clone)

      Posted by Boxlight on Jun 8, 2023 9:30:00 AM

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      We are excited to announce that our Attention! solution won the Best Technology Solution for Student Safety award in the 5th Annual EdTech Breakthrough Awards program conducted by EdTech Breakthrough.  

      The 2023 EdTech Breakthrough Award recognized Attention! (FrontRow by Boxlight) as an innovative school safety solution. Attention! combines FrontRow’s Conductor™ for management of bells, announcements, and emergency communication, with Boxlight's CleverLive digital signage platform, and MimioPro 4 or Clevertouch® IMPACT Max interactive displays. This comprehensive combination creates a robust audio-visual messaging and alerting system. 

      Attention Weather Alert in Hallway

      With Attention!, school administrators can easily share information when needed. They can use it to announce small changes like a bus schedule update or provide detailed instructions during a weather emergency. FrontRow's Conductor allows schools to customize and manage their communication system according to their own rules. It includes the Action! microphone that teachers can use to discreetly contact the office in emergency situations. 

      The CleverLive platform turns the MimioPro4 or IMPACT Max interactive displays into powerful communication tools. Administrators can control what content is shown on the displays using the CleverLive platform. They can send messages to one display, a group of displays, or all the displays in the school. Administrators can also access and manage content from anywhere, even if they're not on campus. This makes it easy to broadcast emergency alerts across all the interactive displays with just a few simple steps. 

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      Attention! comes with many ready-made templates for different purposes. These templates can be displayed on interactive displays in classrooms and other areas of the school. Using these templates, schools can deliver messages more efficiently, and are especially useful for broadcasting about events and procedures like lockdown drills. 

      Aligning with the flexibility that schools need, Attention! can be used for more than emergencies or critical announcements. Administrators can use it to share positive messages such as motivational quotes, pictures of school events, listen to calming music, and more to nurture a sense of school community while enhancing campus communication 

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      “With more districts and schools concerned about increasing staff and student safety, being able to communicate with everyone on campus is an essential need. Effective campus communication is critical and also works to reduce stress as safety includes both physical and mental well-being. The school community should be both nurtured and benefit from a boost in well-being in addition to physical safety,” said James Johnson, managing director, EdTech Breakthrough.  

      “By providing districts and schools with a comprehensive solution to enhance school safety, the Attention! solution sets itself apart in the crowded EdTech industry. The Attention! solution gives schools more power to support physical and emotional well-being, keep a situation under control, and communicate quickly and clearly. Congratulations to Boxlight, once again this year, for a well-deserved EdTech Breakthrough Award.”*  

      “We are proud to receive another EdTech Breakthrough Award this year. We are aiming to improve communication and engagement, and to help enhance outcomes by developing the solutions our customers need. Safety starts with clear and effective communication, and we believe that technology can help improve communication and build safer schools,” said Michael Pope, Chairman and CEO of Boxlight.  

      “Not only does Attention! save administrators time and energy, especially when information needs to be disseminated quickly and accurately, but the solution allows for critical audio and visual communications with the push-of-a-button. Even common classroom distractions including phones, headphones and noisy hallways can be overcome with this user-friendly technology.”   

      We are proud to be recognized by EdTech Breakthrough and will continue to offer educators the solutions they need to enhance the teaching and learning experience. 


      * In 2021, Boxlight was recognized with the Classroom Technology Innovation of the Year award for the MimioConnect platform, as well as being named Overall EdTech Company of the Year in 2022.   

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