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      Boxlight Wins Multiple Best for Back to School Awards from Tech & Learning!

      Posted by Boxlight on Sep 13, 2022 9:00:00 AM

      Back to School Awards 2022 (1)

      We are excited to announce that Boxlight solutions have won 11 Best for Back to School 2022 Awards! As schools head into the new year, we are honored that six of our solutions were recognized as those that will support educators in their work. As a company, we understand the value of offering educators comprehensive solutions that are user-friendly, robust, and turnkey.  

      “As we head into another uncertain year in education, technology will continue to be one of the key drivers for innovation,” says Tech & Learning Group Publisher Christine Weiser. “Our judges chose the winning products recognized here for their versatility, compatibility, value, and ability to help schools solve challenges and support continuous instruction.”   

      Our solutions earned awards in both the Primary and Secondary categories, highlighting that our solutions are adaptable for any learner at any level. The award-winning solutions are: 

      • CleverLive digital cloud management platform turns the interactive display into a communication tool that keeps everyone informed on campus with alerts, messages, and announcements. Administrators can share and control content displayed, selecting from hundreds of premade templates for personalization and scheduling. CleverLive is available on interactive displays from Mimio (Boxlight) and Clevertouch Technologies.® 

      To download a CleverLive product brochure, click here. 

      • MimioConnect blended learning platform combines innovative lesson building and instructional tools to help teachers create an active and engaged learning environment. The platform can be used for in-class and hybrid learning, allowing teachers more flexibility with lesson delivery and management. 

      To watch a video introduction on MimioConnect, click here. 

      • MimioPro 4 interactive display, the newest Boxlight display, is a touch-driven LCD Android display that can easily function as an interactive whiteboard, PC, and collaboration tool for everyone in the class and remotely from home.  

      For more on the MimioPro 4 interactive display, watch the video:


      • EOS Education professional development services designs training solutions that ensure technology integration, increased efficiency and effectiveness, and improved outcomes for teachers and students. Their portfolio of training and certification services ensures that schools have the content needed to support learning for all. 

      For more on what EOS Education offers, watch the video: 

      • Attention! AV campus communication system from FrontRow by Boxlight combines the FrontRow Conductor™ campus-wide bells, paging, and intercom platform with CleverLive and both the MimioPro 4 and Clevertouch IMPACT Plus, for a fully integrated audio-visual messaging and alerting system. Attention! Allows for synchronized audio and video messaging so that content rich alerts, announcements, and messages can be sent across campus including hallways, playgrounds, and school fields in a few simple steps. 

      To watch a video introduction on the Attention! Solution, click here. 

      • MyStemKits is the online lesson platform for all Boxlight STEM products such as the Robo 3D printers, Labdisc portable sensors, and MyBot robotics system. MyStemKits includes ready-to-print 3D models, STEAM design challenges, virtual STEM kits, and lesson plans. 

      To watch a video introduction to MyStemKits, click here. 

      For a complete list of this year’s Best for Back to School Awards winners, click here. 


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