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      Case Study: Monte Vista Primary School and Clevertouch

      Posted by Boxlight on May 6, 2021 9:30:00 AM

      Monte Vista partner

      Monte Vista Primary School (Cape Town, Johannesburg, ZA) is built on five mission statements that include building a foundation so that learners are able to meet life’s challenges now and in the future, and providing an excellent education wherein all work together to allow progress and adaptation to change. With these two goals in mind, Monte Vista educators sought to implement Clevertouch interactive touchscreen displays over three years. That plan quickly became a one-year capital project after teachers and students experienced the cutting-edge features and user-friendly interface.

      According to Zaskia Dunn, Deputy Principal of Monte Vista PS, “The fact that all the software and training is free, there are no projector globes that needed to be replaced or additional teacher laptops to be procured, it meant that the SGB would not need to find additional funding. The Clevertouch touchscreen is an all-in-one teaching device that is simple to use.”

      Monte Vista teachers found the Clevertouch touchscreens especially useful to navigate COVID-19 health and safety protocols since they could export and import information and lessons directly from the touchscreen onto Google Drive. This allowed teachers to communicate and collaborate without leaving their classrooms.

      What are a few benefits of using the Clevertouch touchscreen display?

      • Super Glide Touch technology for a fluid writing experience and can differentiate between palm-erase, fingertouch, and stylus-writing
      • Infinity Whiteboarding so educators and learners never run out of space; includes numeracy tools, handwriting-to-text recognition, and the ability to insert images and shapes.
      • Cleverstore which gives educators access to hundreds of free teaching apps to make lessons engaging

      As one Monte Vista student put it, the Clevertouch touchscreen is a ‘tablet on steroids.’ A description we can all understand!

      For more on the Monte Vista Public Schools experience, read the case study here.

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