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      Case Study: Refreshing Educational Technology District Wide

      Posted by Boxlight on Jan 21, 2021 9:30:00 AM


      In 2019, Shelby County Public Schools (SCPS) invited Clevertouch® to demo and discuss possible education technology opportunities for the district, including a pilot project with Marnel C. Moorman School Center, a K-8 learning center. The district had been looking at panels from other ed tech companies with the goal of replacing the aging technology already in use and found that with the brands they piloted, certain features would not work. They were looking for an interactive flat panel that was intuitive, could help them improve interactive tech across the district, was a value-rich solution, and worked!

      The Clevertouch IMPACT Plus™ 65” panel, with a mix of Conen tilt and height-adjustable stands and professional development, was selected for the pilot and in December of 2019, Moorman teachers began to use their IMPACT Plus panels with much excitement and interest. What impressed teachers was that the panel worked out of the box, free of the frustration of glitches. Teachers were able to use the panels right away, leading to SCPS moving forward with 10 panels for each school in the county. To date, 140 classrooms have received a Clevertouch IMPACT Plus panel with Conen height-adjustable carts.

      District leaders believe that the panels will help teachers change, transform, and innovate the classroom experience for everyone. “We don’t want a device that merely substitutes a projector for a large television display. It’s important that our teachers see the Clevertouch (IMPACT Plus) panels as a way to better incorporate blended learning into their classrooms and create student agency,” states Adam Watson, Digital Learning Coordinator for SCPS.

      He adds, “Shelby County students deserve a transformed learning experience, and these interactive panels can be the centerpiece of that experience.”

      To read the complete case study on the Shelby County Public Schools and Clevertouch experience, click here.

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