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      Clayton County Public Schools Benefits from Customized Teacher PD

      Posted by Boxlight on Oct 28, 2021 9:15:00 AM

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      The mission of Clayton County Public Schools (Jonesboro, GA) is “to empower scholars to achieve academic, professional, and personal goals by providing equitable access and experiences.” These experiences include consistent use of technology that will help them “build skills in literacy, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.”  

      Prior to having a relationship with Boxlight, Clayton County Public Schools (CCPS) had a considerable amount of classroom technology, but it was not being fully utilized at a high operational level. There were teachers that felt the classroom technology wasn’t necessary to make an impact on their instructional practices. With an investment in Boxlight Mimio educational technology solutions, including interactive displays, MimioStudio™ classroom software, and MimioView™ document cameras, among other technology, Boxlight-EOS Education provided training and support. This relationship has evolved over the years to include customized professional development content to help teachers use technology more efficiently and with confidence. 

      Dr. Alex Leis, Senior VP of Professional Development for Boxlight-EOS states, “All of the support programs we offer CCPS teachers are aligned and complement one another, and all District digital resources are supported by our DLS (Digital Learning Specialist) team.” 

      The DLS team provides ongoing support to schools, helping them grow and advance their skills in using tech tools and software such as Google for Education and MimioStudio. Says April Mayo, CCPS Director of Instructional Technology, “When our teachers knew they were going to be supported by an actual person that could be side-by-side with them, they were definitely excited and willing to use the (Mimio) equipment.” 

      CCPS teachers are able to reach out to their assigned site DLS for additional support using the Google for Education suite of tools, as well as share ideas and suggestions for optimizing the use of their classroom technology.  

      For more on the positive relationship between Clayton County Public Schools and Boxlight-EOS Education, click here: Boxlight Case Studies and White Papers. 

      This is the first in a series of case studies featuring Clayton County Public Schools and Boxlight-EOS collaborative relationship. Look for more stories in the coming months and into 2022. 

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