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      Clevertouch Success Story: Cape Business Centre

      Posted by Boxlight on Jul 8, 2021 9:15:00 AM

      Cape Business Centre - partner

      Cape Business Centre (Cape Town, South Africa) a premium business center,  wanted to stay ahead of the times and bring its conferencing capabilities into the 21st century with technology innovations that would streamline meetings. They also wanted to save their clients’ time and provide an efficient and smooth experience from beginning to end. 

      After an introduction to Clevertouch interactive touchscreens by Clevertouch Technologies partner, Interactive AV Solutions, Cape Business Centre was impressed enough to make an investment. Bendre Jooste, Marketing Specialist, stated, “We invested in Clevertouch touchscreens in our boardroom, auditorium, and meeting rooms, as we saw this as an investment into the future of business. Our vision was to integrate this into a digital industry for people to use at our facilities and make meetings, events, webinars, lectures, and presentations easier for ourselves and our clients.”

      Since the installation of the Clevertouch UX Pro interactive touchscreens, presenters are no longer spending time with set up and dealing with any notes used during a presentation. Now, notes can be shared immediately with meeting participants since all documents can sync to cloud accounts such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox.

      Other innovative features of the Clevertouch UX Pro touchscreen:

      • Super Glide Touch technology creates a fluid writing experience and is as smooth as writing on a whiteboard, without lag. The touchscreen can also differentiate between fingertouch, palm-erase, and stylus writing.
      • Infinity Whiteboarding capabilities allow users to jot notes without ever running out of space. All annotations can be saved, printed, and shared with colleagues and clients.
      • Dynamic sound quality with 45W Max Power so that sound fills a room without listeners having to strain to hear. 

      “Since investing in Clevertouch, (our) vision has been achieved. (They have) made meetings a lot easier to connect with people as well as showcase work or to quickly research something while in a meeting,” said Jooste.

      For more on this Clevertouch success story, read the case study here.

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