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      Coming Soon - Exciting Updates for the ProColor 3 Interactive Flat Panel Display

      Posted by Boxlight on Aug 8, 2023 11:40:21 AM


      We are thrilled to introduce the latest firmware updates to the ProColor 3 interactive flat panel display, making your teaching and learning experiences even more engaging and seamless. Using ProColor 3 displays in the classroom provides teachers with dynamic tools to engage students, fostering interactive and immersive learning experiences. Students benefit from enhanced visual and tactile learning, promoting active participation and better understanding of the subject matter.  


      Look forward to these updates to enrich interactive learning: 

      • With the updated Home Screen, you now have the convenience of a QR Code for documentation, simplifying your setup and management processes. 

      HomeScreen_QR Code

      • In response to user feedback, we've implemented a Clock Auto Color change for dark backgrounds, ensuring optimal visibility in different lighting conditions. 
      • Users have the ability to choose your default browser on the Home Screen, customizing your browsing experience. 


      • Improvements to Unplug'd feature now include Touch Support in Display Group, offering a more interactive and intuitive experience for educators and students alike. 
      • Updates are now easier than ever with the option to install OTA updates via NDMS, allowing your tech team to keep the system up to date with ease. 


      • Webcast performance has been enhanced to deliver smoother audio and video streaming, ensuring your virtual lessons are seamless. 
      • Enjoy a more seamless experience with the updated APKs, optimizing the functionality and performance of your ProColor 3 display. 
      • Introducing CleverLive, a powerful tool that takes your virtual classroom experience to new heights, fostering engaging and dynamic learning environments. 

      Updated CleverLive App

      • You can now import SVG files, expanding your creative possibilities within the interactive display. 
      • We’ve made thorough bug fixes, ensuring your ProColor 3 operates flawlessly. 
      • And finally, we've resolved the redirection issue to, ensuring that it will always be for your browsing needs. 


      We hope these updates enrich your teaching and learning experiences with the ProColor 3 interactive flat panel display. We value your feedback and are committed to continually improving our products to meet your needs. Stay tuned for more exciting innovations! 



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