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      A District ‘Levels the Playing Field’ with ProColor Interactive Displays

      Posted by Boxlight on Sep 23, 2021 9:15:00 AM

      South Allegheny-Partner

      South Allegheny School District (McKeesport, PA) promotes the pursuit of knowledge by helping foster communication, collaboration, creative problem solving, and personal responsibility. South Allegheny serves about 1500 students and district leaders recognized that a “level playing field” was needed. The district previously added interactive whiteboards and projectors to help teachers engage students in new ways, and even had six interactive displays for use with the intent of incorporating more technology to boost engagement. Unfortunately, there was a lack of use with this educational technology. The solution? A district-wide investment in interactive displays in each classroom. 

      David McDonald, South Allegheny Assistant Superintendent, had prior, positive experience with Boxlight interactive displays in another district and felt that the Boxlight solution would amp up interaction and engagement for both teachers and students in South Allegheny. District leadership invested in almost 200 ProColor interactive displays, one for each classroom and instructional space. The result? A noticeable increase in positive engagement from teachers as they continue to explore ProColor features and tools.  

      A few observations district leaders have noticed about how the ProColor is being used include: 

      • The large screens invite engagements and students are not limited to sitting at their desks, great for kinesthetic learners. Younger students also benefit from being able to use the pen, trace, and model as they develop as learners. 
      • As a Google school, the ProColor can be used as a Chrome browser allowing teachers easy access to their Google Drives and the Canvas LMS (Learning Management System). 
      • Using MimioStudio™ classroom software, teachers can have 3-4 activities on the display. This innovation allows teachers to differentiate instruction, helping individual students work at their academic levels. 

      To read the full success story on the South Allegheny School District, click here. 

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