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      EOS Educator Essentials PD for Remote and Hybrid Learning

      Posted by Boxlight on Sep 16, 2020 9:00:00 AM


      Boxlight-EOS understands the value of using teaching and learning technology so that it works for everyone in the classroom. The EOS Educator Essentials Professional Development Package helps teachers make the most of their technology to deliver meaningful live lessons no matter the student’s location — in-class, remote, or hybrid. As we see more and more schools switch to remote or hybrid learning this school year, we want to help teachers meet the challenges of providing quality instruction whatever the classroom environment.

      This special Educator Essentials PD package is designed to train and support teachers as they build their confidence with education technology. This 4-hour training package includes:

      1 hour of Virtual consultation to understand a school’s unique needs. In this hour, discussion will center on:

      • School technology access
      • Teachers’ comfort levels using technology
      • the school’s training needs

      3 hours of Live Virtual Training to help site teachers and support staff become familiar with the Boxlight Interactive Flat Panel. This includes:

      • Best Practices for remote and hybrid learning
      • Essential interactive panel functions
      • Android Toolbar, Infinite Note, saving files, cloud storage, navigation

      Boxlight-EOS digital education specialists will delve into using the Unplug’d application to show teachers how to mirror and share what is presented on the classroom panel to student devices. With Unplug’d, the instruction is basically in the palm of each student’s hands! We will also help the school site configure technology to use their preferred video conferencing application (Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams) with an external camera, or webcam, to deliver live lessons.

      In the last hour of the PD, teachers will work with our education specialists to develop and practice delivering live synchronous lessons. Our team will show teachers how to make the most of ‘real-time’ instruction as they develop best practices when using the panel to deliver lessons. Teachers will surely benefit from their guidance as they put into practice what they have learned. Teachers’ confidence will grow as they receive support from our education specialists who will answer questions and guide teachers at their pace.

      To learn more about the Educator Essentials Package, watch this video:

      Educators are stepping onto a new path in education and this should be a time to be excited. Boxlight-EOS can help teachers feel that excitement as they learn to facilitate lessons that continue to engage their students!

      Contact us for additional information on the EOS Educators Essentials PD:

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