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      Fall Webinar Series Kicks Off September 8, 2015

      Posted by Travis Rink on Aug 25, 2015 11:42:42 AM

      webinars_teacher-1NEW Webinars from how to get the funding schools need to why technology really works!

      We are excited to bring you and your customers these educational and informative webinars. This year every attendee will also receive a valuable piece of content relating to the webinar they attended. Please use these events to assist in your marketing efforts.

      See our complete listing below:

      Why You Should Fall in Love with Your Classroom Mobile Devices

      If you have mobile devices available in your school and classroom, you have a tremendous educational resource available. The trick is realizing how powerful these can be and how to really integrate them with student learning.

      Available Times
      Sep 8 @ 4:30 PM ET
      Nov 19 @ 4:30 PM ET

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      How to Get the Funding You Need for the Technology You Want

      Dr. Jenny House, education and technology expert, will discuss the federal, state, and private funds that are available now to help you obtain the technology you want -- from laptops to IWBs.

      Available Times
      Sep 24 @ 4:30 PM ET
      Oct 22 @ 4:30 PM ET

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      The Research Behind Why Technology in the Classroom Really Works

      We often ask ourselves whether the investment in classroom technology is really worth it and whether it even works.

      Available Times
      Oct 6 @ 4:30 PM ET
      Dec 10 @ 4:30 PM ET

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      5 Tips to Make Your Lessons More Engaging and More Effective

      Effective lesson design encourages student engagement, interactivity, and collaboration, and facilitates assessment. Start with your existing lessons or ones found on, and learn how to make them even better with Mimio technology

      Available Times
      Nov 3 @ 4:30 PM ET
      Dec 1 @ 4:30 PM ET

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