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      Guagas Municipales Adds Value to Meetings with Clevertouch Displays

      Posted by Boxlight on Aug 5, 2021 9:15:00 AM

      Guagas Municipales Partner

      Guagas Municipales, a public transport company in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) invested in Clevertouch interactive displays for meetings and training. Before making the change, the company had a digital whiteboard that was hardly used, and a projector for sharing images during presentations. 

      “Between the time we turned on the projector, squared, focused, adjusted the light so that it could be seen well throughout the room, the connection of the laptop, etcetera, we wasted a lot of time,” stated Pablo García, purchasing manager at Guagas Municipales. 

      The CRI Group helped the company realize that valuable time is wasted with connection set up, adjustments for projection of content from laptops, tablets, and other devices. CRI Group helped Guages Municipales acquire Clevertouch interactive displays distributed by Charmex AV Technology. 

      "The interface of the (interactive display) itself is incomparable. When we used a projector, there were always lighting problems, technical problems, and workers who got upset because it didn’t look good,” stated García. “This is over. The image is amazing, and the resolution is incredible.” 


      For more on this successful implementation, read the case study here. 

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