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Lead and SOR Updates

Posted by Pat Henry on Feb 2, 2017 5:45:00 PM

One company. One system.

Combining Mimio and Boxlight into one entity has created many benefits for our company and our partners. We have been able to bring students and schools a more complete product line from hardware to software, but still have another important step in this transition: streamlining and consolidating our systems.

We will be moving the Mimio back end system to Boxlight's system. This will enable us to have SORs, orders, and inventory all in one system. In addition, we will have MimioStudio licensing and Customer Care all integrated into this one application. This is a huge undertaking, but we want to be able to serve you more efficiently as one company. Please note that this process is still in progress and we are constantly refining and improving along the way. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions, please forward them to your Regional Sales Manager so they can pass the information on to the proper team member.


Changes to the Lead Process:


  • The Sales Lead Portal on will no longer be live. All leads will be sent to you directly from your Regional Sales Manager.
  • Your leads from the Lead Portal will be available for you to access on Partner Resources. You will enter your email address and it will provide the list of your leads for download. This page will be available early next week. Note: this list is static and is only a final report of your leads before we transitioned to the new system.

Changes to the SOR Process:

  • The SOR will not be connected to the Partner Lead Portal for the near future.
    • This means that the SOR will not be pre-populated with the school and reseller data from a lead worked by a reseller in their portal.
    • The SOR will be blank and will need to be filled out fully.
  • The US and Canadian SORs will now use the same form.
  • The SOR may not be able to create a new school for the time being (pending).
  • If a reseller enters their contact info as a school contact and the system shows them as a reseller rep, then they will be told to use a school contact instead.
  • The SOR has a new question asking if it is a TFYT opportunity.
    • If the answer is yes, then the opportunity will only have a quantity of 1 TFYT MimioTeach available to them.
    • If the answer is no, then all of the other products will be accessible.
  • An opportunity will be created with the reseller as the customer and the school as the partner.
  • An existing school contact will be used if matched by email. Otherwise, a new contact will be created.
  • The reseller can choose either an existing reseller contact or create a new one.
  • The SOR email will continue to go to the appropriate rep. A new process or alert for a means of searching will have to be created within the system for the rep to find the new opportunity.


We know changes to systems and processes can come with new challenges. We feel confident that with your feedback and the hard work of the transition team, this will be another key step in our move to being one company. 




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