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      MimioPro 4 Firmware Update - Summer Release 2023

      Posted by Boxlight on Jun 29, 2023 9:00:00 AM


      We are excited to announce that a firmware update for the MimioPro 4 is coming soon! An OTA update will be available July 7, 2023 exclusively for MimioPro 4. For more information on utilizing NDMS Premium for OTA updates, kindly reach out to 


      Release Notes 

      • Updated home screen with QR code for documentation 
      • Clock Auto Color change for dark backgrounds 
      • Ability to export from AirClass 
      • Improvements to Unplug’d 
        • Touch support in display group 
        • Webcast performance improvements 
      • Display app names in the side tool bar. 
        • Screen Lock is now called ‘Switch User’ 
      • Updated APKs 
        • Chrome browser (added by default) 
        • Opera browser 
        • LYNX (added by default) 
        • CleverLive 
        • WPS 
        • NDMS 
        • Unplug’d (added by default) 
      • NDMS new features 
        • OTA Support – Add OTA files to repositories and push to select devices  
      • Settings improvements 
        • Remove QR code from WiFi Settings 
        • Add switch to Share Network – by turning this off, NIC pass thru over USB-C can be controlled 
        • Ability to choose default browser 
        • Add Standby Time options when no touch is detected 

      Topics: Update, interactive displays, MimioPro 4, #firmware


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