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      Clevertouch Helps Innovate a Large Texas School District

      Posted by Boxlight on Jan 15, 2021 3:14:13 PM

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      Clevertouch, a Boxlight group, was recently awarded a 3-year contract to help update the education technology in a large school district in West Texas (U.S.) that was looking to innovate their students’ learning environment. The district will be outfitted with the multi award-winning IMPACT™ touchscreens, the accompanying software, LYNX Whiteboard, and Clevershare.

      The district was challenged with replacing aging interactive whiteboards and projectors with innovative, collaborative and easy-to-use technology. The goal was, and continues to be, to improve the learning environment for students by using best-in-class technology. This being the case, the district had a complex set of criteria for its required solution, including but not limited to, best hardware and features and a software suite that ensured teaching continued during the technology refresh.

      In addition to meeting the needs of the selection criteria, the district was looking for a partner with a strong education focus that could provide longevity with future-proofing technology. In the two-phase process of vetting prospective solutions, district decision makers had to ensure that that the solutions not only demonstrated the required criteria but was also compatible with the current infrastructure so that smooth integration could take place.

      What was the result? The Clevertouch IMPACT touchscreens surpassed the competition, easily satisfying each of the requirements outlined. Its superior connectivity, easy to use LUX interface, and built-in education app store, Cleverstore, also provided the district more than just whiteboarding. Auxiliary features helped to strengthen the Clevertouch solution, such as USB-C inputs which enable single-cable connection from the Chromebook to the screen, and Clevermessage built-in signage for broadcasting news, alert messages, and notifications such as those concerning pandemic information and updates for the community.

      District decision makers felt that the chosen partner had to lead with solid deployment and installation plans with full support and training, which Clevertouch and the IMPACT touchscreen clearly did. Thus far, the integration of the Clevertouch IMPACT touchscreens for the district has been a success and we are excited to hear more about what how teachers use this new technology to innovate teaching and learning in their classrooms.

      Read more about the rollout of the Clevertouch and this Texas school district partnership here.

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