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      Please RSVP: Mimio Partner Certification Trainer Program

      Posted by Travis Rink on Aug 5, 2014 8:30:00 AM


      We are pleased to announce that we have finalized our new Partner Certified Trainer Program. This training is for new Mimio Partners who would like to have a Certified Trainer on staff. Current Partner Trainers will still be certified, even with the change in the training program. We would like to remind our Gold Partners that they must have a Certified Trainer on staff to maintain Gold Partner status.

      The program will culminate with the Mimio Partner Certified Trainer Event – see below for details:


      What: Mimio Partner Certified Trainer Event

      When: November 5th and 6th

      Where: Mimio Headquarters: One Charles Park, 1st Floor, Cambridge, MA


      We estimate that the time needed to complete this program is 32 hours (which includes 16 hours of pre-work):

      • Quick Learn Sessions and Assessment – 10 hours
      • Pre-Event Webinars – 2 hours
      • Sample Training File/Presentation Prep – 3 hours
      • Pre-Event Assessments – 1 hour
      • On-Site November 5th and 6th Certification Days – 16 hours


      You must be able to commit to the pre-work, as well as attend the in-person event. To sign up for this program, please email with the following information:

      • Name
      • Company
      • Email
      • Phone


      Reseller Partners will need to cover the cost of transportation and hotel for the certification event on November 5th and 6th, but it can be paid out of Mimio Co-op. The $1000 tuition for this program will be waived, since this is our first new Partner Certified Trainer Event. In lieu of tuition, we will be asking for feedback on the training, to help us continue to improve our support to you. Space is limited for this event and the deadline for registration is September 15th. Please email us as soon as you know you will be attending, to ensure a spot. 


      Email by September 15th to Sign Up


      You can start the pre-work, which must be completed before November 5th. Please sign up and attend all Quick Learn webinars – a minimum of 6 must be done live. Once you have completed all 14 Quick Learn webinars, send all 14 certifications to  

      Below is the list of Mimio Quick Learn webinars that you must complete:

      •          Mimio Interactive Systems  (Live and On-Demand)
      •          Mimio Goes Mobile  (Live and On-Demand)
      •          A Tour of MimioStudio  (Live and On-Demand)
      •          Using the MimioStudio Gallery  (Live and On-Demand)
      •          MimioStudio: Adding Content  (Live and On-Demand)
      •          MimioStudio: Formatting I  (Live and On-Demand)
      •          MimioStudio: Formatting II  (Live and On-Demand)
      •          MimioStudio: Presenting Lessons  (Live and On-Demand)
      •          MimioStudio: Extending Lessons  (Live and On-Demand)
      •          MimioStudio Gradebook  (Live and On-Demand)
      •          MimioVote — Setup  (Live and On-Demand)
      •          MimioVote — Creating Assessments  (Live and On-Demand)
      •          MimioView: Setup and Support  (On-Demand Only)
      •          MimioConnect Resources  (On-Demand Only)


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