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      Posted by Aliza Sterling on Nov 7, 2013 5:30:00 AM

      Partner Survey ResultsAliza_BW


      To those of you who participated in the Partner Survey, thank you!  Some feedback highlights of the survey include:

      • Mimio has earned your loyalty as a Reseller Partner
      • High satisfaction in Mimio overall, technical support, customer service, marketing materials and Partner Resources
      • Most important Mimio communications include promotions and offers, new products offered and software updates

      We reviewed the survey, including the open-ended responses, with our Partner Advisory Council (PAC).  The PAC stated that comparatively to most other manufacturers, we provide more support, but also mentioned with the time, effort and energy that we have consistently put forward in regard to the resources we have created and provided, we have earned the right to expect you to use these resources to grow your Mimio business.  

      We would love to hear from each of you on how you are successfully using Mimio resources to help grow your Mimio business as well as any recommendations of how we can better support you.

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