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      PODCAST: Display Technology and the Hybrid Learning Environment

      Posted by Boxlight on Nov 25, 2020 9:30:00 AM

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      Recently, Larry Jacobs from Equity and Access ( had a chat with Mario DiAntonio, Sales Director for Strategic Partnerships for Samsung Electronics America. The discussion centered on how display technology has helped educators boost interactive learning and student engagement, even within a hybrid learning environment.

      Here are a few highlights from the podcast:

      "We align with partnerships where we can develop a co-prosperous relationship ..."

      “Today you’ll see the majority of my focus in our business is directed towards education. It’s absolutely an interest area for us at Samsung. We’ve got several different initiatives to really impact education in a positive way.”

      “Really our focus is to improve student outcomes and learner outcomes. Really that’s what we’re looking for…working towards the best user experience and really driving that home.”

      "From an educator's needs perspective and really getting the lesson plans and the professional development that educators need, that's where we lean on this new partnership that we have with Boxlight."

      "Boxlight has a product called MimioConnect which essentially takes all of the software that an educator would need in order to create, deliver, measure ... and also report all the classroom activities — takes all of that and puts it in the cloud and it lives there on our display. So, it's an all-in-one unit. We provide something that's very flexible and manageable for the schools."

      ‘With this partnership with Boxlight …it was serendipitous that we found a company that has such a heart for education and they really understands the language of the educator and marry that with our hardware technology and put those things together and be able to deliver something that was an immediate response to the now need of education.”

      To hear more from this great conversation about the Samsung-Boxlight answer to hybrid learning needs, click here: Display Technology & The Hybrid Learning Environment.

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