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      Product Announcement: ProColor 651H and 701H End of Life Plan

      Posted by Stevan Vigneaux on Aug 16, 2017 4:35:00 PM
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      ProColor 651H and 701H End-of-Life Plan

      All end-of-life and replacement plans are inherently tentative. If manufacturing is delayed, so is the new product introduction and the announcement of its availability. If unit sales of the current product do not meet forecast, then we keep selling it longer than initially planned. And so on.


      Product being ended: ProColor 651H and 701H,1080P, 10-touch IFPD. Repair parts, tech support, accessories (such as magnetic pens, cables, etc.), and repair parts will remain available for the foreseeable future.

      Planned date of last shipment: 
      8/10/17 (NOTE: Tentative; last shipment occurs when the warehouse is emptied.)

      Planned date of last order being accepted: 
      7/24/2017 (Typically 30 days prior to final shipment date; unable to meet here.)

      Will the product be supported in at least the next few future versions of Mimio Software: 
      __X_ yes ___ no

      Planned date after which replacement parts and/or accessories may no longer be available (typically one year after the last ship date): 

      Is there a replacement product(s):
      Yes, ProColor 652U and 702U

      Is the new product a direct replacement for the one being ended: 
      ___ yes  __ no  

      The ProColor 652U and 702U are functionally equivalent, but have:

      • Slightly different look and feel
      • UHD (4K) instead of 1080P
      • HDMI output instead of VGA output
      • 20 points of touch
      • New PC module configuration, not compatible with XX1 series PC module

      If You Used to Sell That, Now Sell This

      Prior Model Replacement Model
      Name Major Features Name Major Features
      ProColor 651H 1080p, 10-touch ProColor 652U 4K UHD, 20-touch
      ProColor 701H 1080p, 10-touch ProColor 702U 4K UHD, 20-touch


      Sales Issues

      Will the new version automatically be shipped to fulfill orders for the prior version:  
      ___ yes _X__ no

      Must existing orders for the product being ended be resubmitted at the new model name:
      _X__ yes ___ no

      Must existing orders for the product being ended be resubmitted at the new price:
      ___ yes _X__ no
      We will allow customers to move any existing orders submitted prior to 7/24/2017 to the equivalent 2nd edition model at the Series 1 price.

      Note: We are oversold on the ProColor 701H, so any new orders will need to be moved to 702U.


      The ProColor Series 1 2nd edition units are currently being sold, but we are still working on confirmed inventory dates. The 651H and 701H are no longer available and should not be featured in sales documentation.

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