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      Product News: MimioView HD End-of-Life Plan

      Posted by Hank Nance on Nov 11, 2019 1:47:00 PM

      View_Product_003_flat_AA2_BLlogo-1All end-of-life (EOL) and replacement plans are inherently tentative. If manufacturing is delayed, so is the new product introduction and the announcement of its availability. If unit sales of the current product do not meet our forecast, then we keep selling it longer than initially planned (and so on).


      The purpose of this document is to describe the timing and other attributes required for end-of-life planning for the product(s) listed above. This document is not about the new product—it is only about the product that has reached its EOL. Thus, the pricing, features, specifications, competitive position, etc. of the new product are not addressed here except as needed. Similarly, information about the new product launch plan, including marketing materials, press release timing, etc., are not addressed here except as needed. Information about the new product line and the launch plan will be provided separately.


      EOL product: MimioView™ HD PN# 1771044. Tech support, accessories (USB cable), and repair parts will remain available for the foreseeable future.

      What is the planned last ship date? 11/12/2019 (NOTE: This date is tentative—the last shipment will occur when the warehouse empties.)

      What is the planned date of the last orders being accepted? No orders will be accepted after 11/12/2019.

      Will the product be supported in at least the next few future versions of MimioStudio™ software? Yes.

      What is the planned last date for parts and accessories availability (typically one year after the last ship date)? 11/12/2020.

      Is there a replacement product? Yes, MimioView 350U.

      Is the new product a direct replacement for the EOL product? Yes. MimioView 350U is functionally equivalent.

      If You Used to Sell That One, Now Sell This One

      EOL Model

      Replacement Model

      MimioViewHD (1771044)

      MimioView 350U


      Inventory Considerations

      Maintain customer delivery schedules.

      Sales Issues

      Will the new version automatically be shipped to fulfill orders for the prior version?

      Must existing orders for the EOL product be resubmitted with the new model name?
      Only if the sales order does not allow substitutions.

      Must existing orders for the EOL product be resubmitted at the new price?
      No. Orders submitted prior to 11/12/2019 will be replaced with the new model, 350U.

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