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      Starcar Innovates Its Locations with Clevertouch® Digital Displays

      Posted by Boxlight on Oct 7, 2021 9:15:00 AM


      Starcar Car Rental (Hamburg, Germany) is one of the largest car rental companies in Germany and is known for its high quality of service. With approximately 60 branches and over 500 partner stations for the parent company Starcar Europa Service Group AG, Starcar is a strong force in the car rental market. 

      Because of its reach across Germany, the Starcar Marketing Team wanted to innovate its locations with digital signage and digital infotainment systems that could be controlled online“We needed a lot more flexibility,” stated Melanie Lammers, Marketing Manager at Starcar. “Marketing finally wanted to be able to centrally control which poster was shown or which video was played in any of our locations.” 

      The Starcar switch to digital advertising space began in March 2021 with a new station concept that brought modern designs for the new branches. The plan was to purchase and install digital displays by May 2021. When it came to selecting the digital display to best meet their marketing needs and vision, the Starcar team took their time to compare features, ease of use, and price. Justine Voogd-Thieß, Starcar marketing project manager, said, “We took our time to make the selection, obtained extensive information and spoke intensively with four suppliers. It was particularly important for us that the (digital display and its applications) work as simply as possible, because we are all not IT professionals. (We) wanted to be able to display the advertising material at the push of a button.” 

      After a thorough search, Clevertouch® Technologies had the digital signage technology that met their requirements, including a good price-performance ratio score over the competition. Clevertouch CM-series digital displays were installed in seven Starcar locations, and the company is benefitting from flexible, individually adaptable advertising campaigns that include high-profile moving image components. “The aim was to digitize the advertising and display it in a targeted manner. That is now possible - we develop an advertisement centrally and can immediately adapt it to the format with a click of the mouse in all seven or just one station,” stated Voogd-Thieß. 


      For more on the Starcar Car Rental success story, read the case study here. 

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