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      Supporting Education: The Chromebook Class Collection

      Posted by Boxlight on Jan 26, 2022 9:00:00 AM


      Chromebooks have made an incredible impact on the educational landscape in the past decade, starting with pilot programs in 2010, that showed educators how user friendly, dynamic, and secure these devices can be. In the last two years, Chromebooks have been especially critical when teaching and learning has had to shift between in-class to remote, and in quite a few cases, hybrid environments. Why have Chromebooks become a favorite for schools and classrooms across the country? 

      5 Reasons Chromebooks are Key Tech Tools for Classrooms 

      1. They are affordable. Even schools with limited budgets can help ‘level the playing field’ for their students. 
      2. They are easy to use. Chromebooks can boot up and connect quickly, provide a good amount of cloud storage so students can share devices, and have a long battery life. 
      3. They help students collaborate. Students can connect with others in any learning environment. This is especially important when students need to learn remotely and work on a project with their peers. 
      4. They boost students’ tech skills. The more students use Chromebooks for class assignments and team activities, the sharper their tech skills will become, which is essential for today’s workforce. 
      5. They are powered by Google. Google is a name synonymous with advancing technology like its educational suite of applications (think Google Classroom). In addition, Google has longevity so there is support available for the life of the Chromebook. 


      The flexibility and affordability of Chromebooks makes them a popular choice for schools and districts. While many teachers are comfortable with using Chromebooks, there are opportunities to advance their skills with tutorials provided by Google and professional development courses designed specifically for using Google Workbook for Education. The potential for Chromebooks is limitless and those that will benefit the most from this dynamic tool are the students. 

      Boxlight now offers a Chromebook bundle – Chromebook Class Collection ( - which includes 30 Samsung Chromebooks, a 3-year license of the award-winning MimioConnect® Blended Learning Platform, MimioView™ document camera, and self-placed professional development courses for Google Workspace and Chromebooks. For more information on this exciting new opportunity, click here: Chromebook Class Collection. 

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