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      The MimioSTEM Mobile is Ready to Launch!

      Posted by Boxlight on Mar 29, 2022 12:30:00 PM


      Braydon Moreno, Boxlight Director of STEM, is ready to launch the MimioSTEM Mobile. The MimioSTEM Mobile is a fully-equipped STEM van that Braydon will use to showcase our award-winning STEM solutions such as MyStemKits, Robo 3D printers, and Mimio MyBot robots via an interactive experience in which educators will go on a Mission to Mars!  

      Schools and districts can customize the experience to best suit the overall stakeholder vision and learning plans. Braydon’s schedule is filling up fast, so reach out to organizations that would benefit from this dynamic STEM experience. Like and share this video from our YouTube channel on your social media pages using the hashtag #MimioStemMobile. 


      To book a visit from the MimioSTEM Mobile, go to and enter missiontomars. 

      MimioSTEM Mobile map_03.29.2022

      We also encourage you to follow Braydon’s journey with the MimioSTEM Mobile on our social media pages.  

      Download the PDF to share: MimioSTEM Mobile Mission to Mars 

      Current schedule: MimioSTEM Mobile Schedule 

      For questions, contact

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