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      The ProColor Adds MimioMessage

      Posted by Boxlight on Jan 25, 2022 9:15:00 AM


      Clearly, COVID-19 and its multiple variants have permanently changed how schools operate. More districts are implementing methods for sharing information quickly as needs arise – in many cases, daily. While sending emails and SMS messages are still popular, schools can also use their interactive displays to send important alerts and messages so that teachers, school staff, students, and parents can stay informed. The award-winning ProColor interactive display by Boxlight has recently added MimioMessage - an easy-to-use application that turns the display into a communications tool.  

      Besides sharing school news and information, MimioMessage allows school administrators to send emergency alerts to all displays in the event of an evacuation, lockdown, or other critical situation. Schools can customize content to include images, text, videos, news feeds, and presentations, selecting from hundreds of templates to show a wide range of information. 

      As we see the educational landscape continue to make changes to better meet current needs, the MimioMessage application gives schools another avenue in which to communicate essential information including emergency alerts. School communities can feel secure that investing in the ProColor interactive display for enhanced teaching and learning will also provide them with a customizable and simple-to-use tool for relaying messages. 

      To learn more about MimioMessage on the ProColor interactive display, click here: ProColor Series 3.

      To access MimioMessage marketing materials, go to

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