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      We Won 7 Best of Show Awards at InfoComm 2023!

      Posted by Boxlight on Jun 21, 2023 1:00:39 PM



      Solutions from the Mimio and Clevertouch® Technologies, by Boxlight, earned a total of seven Best of Show awards at this year’s InfoComm 2023. Solutions awarded include: CleverLive digital signage platform, CleverHub wireless presentation system, Clevertouch UX Pro 2 interactive display, and Mimio DS Series displays.   

      InfoComm, the premier audiovisual trade show in North America, showcased thousands of cutting-edge products in various categories like audio, unified communications, display, video, control, digital signage, home automation, security, VR, and live events. This year, the awards programs involved a meticulous evaluation process led by expert judges from Future's AV Technology, Digital Signage, Mix, Sound & Video Contractor, and Tech & Learning. 

      To ensure comprehensive assessments, these judges, who are CTS-certified technology managers, engineers, integrators, and consultants, expanded their panel by hiring additional members. They engaged in detailed conversations with product managers, engineers, and other manufacturers' representatives to thoroughly evaluate the entries. The judges assessed each product's innovation, features, ease of installation and use, as well as its potential overall value. 

      We are thrilled to share that our solutions stood out and received recognition in this rigorous evaluation process. CleverLive, CleverHub, Clevertouch UX Pro2 interactive display, and Mimio DS Series displays garnered a total of seven prestigious Best of Show awards. This achievement showcases our dedication to providing groundbreaking solutions that are intuitive, user-friendly, and bring significant value to a wide range of audiovisual applications. We take great pride in receiving this recognition, and it further fuels our determination to continuously innovate and surpass customer expectations.   


      AV Technology, InfoComm 2023 Best of Show Award Winners  

      • CleverLive (Clevertouch Technologies)  

      CleverLive is the software platform that enables the creation, deployment, and management of content across one or multiple Clevertouch displays, no matter where they are in the world. Users can make changes in real time or schedule into an organization’s calendar. Users can also send emergency alerts at the touch of a button.  

      • UX Pro 2 (Clevertouch Technologies)   

      The UX Pro 2 serves as a central hub within the evolving workspace, seamlessly connecting and integrating with other devices and networks across the organization. It offers the convenience of remote control, allowing users to operate the touchscreen from anywhere in the room using their mobile devices. This flexibility enables participants to engage and interact with the touchscreen effortlessly, fostering a dynamic and productive collaborative environment. 


      Digital Signage, InfoComm 2023 Best of Show Award Winners  

      • Mimio DS Series (Mimio)  

      The Mimio DS Series serves as a powerful tool for broad communication across multiple buildings and spaces such as educational institutions. With CleverLive, a cloud-based content management system, announcements and alerts can be delivered consistently and promptly across all audio and video devices with a simple click of a button. This integration ensures effective communication throughout an entire campus or across buildings, keeping staff informed and connected.    

      • UX Pro 2 (Clevertouch Technologies)  


      Tech&Learning, InfoComm 2023 Best of Show Award Winners  

      • Mimio DS Series (Boxlight)    
      • CleverLive (Clevertouch Technologies)   
      • CleverHub (Clevertouch Technologies) 

      CleverHub enables wireless screen mirroring from your device instantly to any meeting room display and peripherals. Simultaneously share multiple sources from multiple devices with hassle-free connectivity. 


      We are proud to be a trusted partner in the audiovisual industry, continuously pushing boundaries and striving for excellence. As we move forward, our family of brands will continue to innovate, collaborate, and create solutions that empower educators, enhance learning experiences, and drive positive change in classrooms worldwide. Congratulations to us! 


      To explore award-winning solutions from the Boxlight family of brands, go to:  

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