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      Launch of the Partner Conference Call Program

      Posted by Stevan Vigneaux on Feb 10, 2016 11:00:00 AM
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      PartnerConfCallprogram-01.pngDear Partners,

      During a September meeting in Cambridge the US Territory Managers strongly requested that headquarters initiate regular con calls with our partners. Their request was both wise and right.

      We are excited to announce the launch of our Partner Conference Call Program and advise you of the first three dates.

      Schedule: Every six-ish weeks for a while then extend to 8-ish. 

      Implementation: An audio call with desktop sharing for the slides. The exact time plus dial in and webcast details will go out a few days ahead of each call.

      Time and Day: These calls will serve Partners across 5 time zones from Boston to Hawaii so there is likely no perfect time and no week has the perfect day for everyone.  Please fill out the survey below to provide input on time and day.

      First Three Mimio Partner Conference Call Dates, Time 1:00 – 2:00 EST.
      We are figuring out the dial-in and web access info – we are implementing a new phone system so this will take a few days. (times plus dial in and webcast details to be announced a couple days in advance):

      • Thursday February 25
      • Thursday April 7
      • Thursday May 19 

      List of typical topics (exact topics and sequence will vary by event)

      • Table of Contents
      • Hot news
      • Pricing changes
      • Product changes
      • Release schedule update
      • Support updates including major support issues news
      • Staff changes
      • Big wins and losses - news and perspectives
      • Demo tips
      • Marketing updates including web traffic, changes to the web site, new campaigns, new press coverage, direct mail activity, trade shows, etc.
      • Competitive news, updates, effective sales counter-strategies
      • Collateral updates including new blog posts, new Flipboard postings
      • Open discussion, Q&A
      • Review of the minutes of the last call and any feedback received
      • Review of the “who, what, and when” for any action items from this call


      We hope you will all join us on these valuable calls and we look forward to your participation.


      Stevan Vigneaux,
      Mimio Director of Marketing and Product Management




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