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      April Webinars: Transforming Teaching and Learning with Technology

      Posted by Boxlight on Mar 22, 2021 9:36:15 AM


      Aleasha Stevens, Education Consultant for Boxlight, will be hosting four educational webinars in April that will focus on how technology can help improve learning in different teaching scenarios. As a former classroom teacher, literacy program director, and VP of Education services, she has the experience and knowledge to help educators see how technology can add dimension to what they already do in the classroom. As a passionate advocate of teachers and students, she has designed four webinar discussions that will help empower teachers to use what they have in optimal ways.


      Each discussion will be facilitated using the new Boxlight Virtual Classroom which allows session participants to experience how ed tech can be successfully used in their class environment – in-class, remote, and hybrid. Each webinar will take place on Tuesdays in April at 2:00 P.M. ET.


      The topics Aleasha will discuss this month involve strategies for distance and hybrid learning:


      Distance and Hybrid and Blended, Oh My!

      Having a hard time keeping track of all your digital resources together in this new age of online, hybrid and blended learning? Stop by to see how you can use MimioConnect™ by Boxlight as your one-stop-shop for pulling it all together!

      High-Impact Instructional Strategies to Support Surface Learning with Boxlight

      “…surface learning is a time when students initially are exposed to concepts, skills, and strategies (Hattie, Fisher and Frey, 2017).” Join us to see how Boxlight teachers effectively facilitate surface learning with MimioConnect™ for their Interactive classroom displays.

      High-Impact Instructional Strategies to Support Deep Learning with Boxlight

      “We define deep learning as a period when students consolidate their understanding and apply and extend some surface learning knowledge to support deeper conceptual understanding (Hattie, Fisher and Frey, 2017).” Witness firsthand how Boxlight teachers use MimioConnect™ to facilitate deep learning for students with their interactive classroom displays.

      High-Impact Instructional Strategies to Support Transfer Learning with Boxlight

      Learn how Boxlight teachers use MimioConnect™ and their interactive classroom displays to help students transfer learning by “tak[ing] their consolidated knowledge and skills and apply[ing] what they know to new scenarios and different contexts. (Hattie, Fisher and Frey, 2017).”

      If you’re interested in attending in any, or ALL, of the webinar sessions click here: Spring Webinar Series April 2021.

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