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Change to SOR Form to Track ROI

Posted by Holly Fritz-Palao on Feb 6, 2018 9:40:21 AM
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Our goal is to better understand which leads are creating actual opportunities and revenue. In order to achieve this, we have connected our CRM and sales system to be able to track leads more effectively. We cannot do this without the help of our Partners. This blog post will explain how to make sure your SORs are being connected to the correct leads. Making sure these steps are followed will be the only way for us to track ROI—this will be key in determining which marketing activities we invest in.

How Leads Are Connected to Opportunities

For a lead to be connected to an opportunity, you must connect it to an SOR—this is done by a new field we have added to the SOR form (see below). We cannot track ROI unless this action is completed.



The purpose of this question is to determine if the opportunity is from a Boxlight lead. If it is from a referred Boxlight lead, then that lead is what needs to be entered into this form. You cannot use another person associated with the school, or the connection will not be made and ROI will not be tracked. If you have an issue associating the correct lead, Chris Odom ( can assist you.

We cannot gather the information we need without your diligent help. If you have any questions or experience issues, please reach out to Chris Odom at


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