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      List of Mimio Certified Trainers for YOU!

      Posted by Steve Mefford on Dec 10, 2013 8:30:00 AM


      In our last Partner Webinar, we explained some changes that were made to our training program.  We will be discussing some updates to the training program during our Partner Webinar next week, but didn’t want to wait until then to provide you with a list of Mimio Certified Trainers.  These trainers have agreed to be on this list and contacted by you if you would like to contract with them directly to set up trainings on Mimio products for your Mimio customers.  See below for some more information about this list of Certified Trainers:

      • Trainers were certified at some point since the start of the Mimio Certified Training Program.
      • Cost and logistics will be managed directly between you and the Certified Trainers.
      • Partners do not need to reach out to Mimio to make arrangements with the Certified Trainers.

      We will be discussing more about this list and the Mimio Certified Training Program for Partners and current educators during the Partner Webinar a week from today. To add the Partner Webinar to your calendar, click here.  


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