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      Steve Mefford

      Steve got an early start in technology – as a young man he liked to dismantle and try to fix all things electronic, like tube televisions and cassette players. When he was a high-school senior, Steve decided to go into the United States Marine Corps, where he served for 5 years as an avionics electrician working on jets and helicopters. After the Marines, Steve attended Eastern Illinois University, where he received his bachelor’s degree.

      In 1996 he began working for TechKnowledgy Education Centers, selling Microsoft and Novell certified engineer training classes to both corporate clients and individuals. From there he moved to Callero Management Information Systems, where he developed sales strategies and tactics to successfully grow the business in the EDI bar coding and inventory control sector. When he began to lose interest in the tech field, he took a sales role with Tubular Steel, a national distributor of all types of steel tubing. During his first full year with the company, he was named Salesperson of the Year, and realized he had found his niche. He went on to hold sales positions with Tatung Science and Technology, a manufacturer of SPARC computer systems, and with Midwest Computer Products, a company that sold all sorts of AV equipment focused on the education market. This was where Steve first was introduced to Mimio. He understood the technology and was energized by what it could do and what it meant to educators in terms of both functionality and affordability.

      In Mimio, Steve found his passion. He joined Mimio in August, 2006 and has never looked back. After working for Mimio in National Accounts and Partner Development and managing a regional sales team, he became the National Sales Manager for Mimio. No one who works with Steve ever questions his unrelenting passion for Mimio products and brand!

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      NEW Case Study: Boston Public Schools

      Posted by Steve Mefford on Aug 24, 2015 3:09:02 PM

      Educational technology that is easy to implement, easy to use, and highly effective! 

      We are excited to bring you a new case study that highlights how Mimio is effective, easy to use, and easy to implement. Download this case study for your own marketing efforts.

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      NEW SPIFF Program Extended Through December 31, 2015

      Posted by Steve Mefford on Jul 6, 2015 1:03:29 PM

      We are pleased to announce that the SPIFF program for some of our key products has been extended through the end of 2015. This program is available to all partner levels and is designed to reward you for the sales of designated Mimio products. The way it works is simple: Sell the minimum quantity in any month and receive the associated SPIFF. See all the details below.

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      Shipping Update: Rate Increase

      Posted by Steve Mefford on May 15, 2015 5:31:33 PM

      Due to an increase in shipping costs, Mimio will soon be raising shipping charges.

      Effective June 1, 2015, Mimio’s freight policy is changing:

      • Mimio is raising FedEx prices across the board for Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Hawaii.
      • Mimio is raising FedEx prices for all MimioProjector and MimioVote orders.
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      Track and Submit Your SPIFF with Our NEW Online Form

      Posted by Steve Mefford on Apr 23, 2015 2:00:00 PM

      Track and Submit Your SPIFF Easily with Our New Online Form

      On April 1 we announced a new SPIFF program designed to reward you for the sales of key Mimio products. We have just created a form for you to easily track your progress for the current month and submit your SPIFF after the month ends.

      You must submit the SPIFF for a month within
      the first 5 business days after the end of the month.


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      NEW SPIFF Program Starts April, 1, 2015

      Posted by Steve Mefford on Apr 1, 2015 8:30:00 AM

      We are excited to announce a SPIFF program for several of our products (See Chart Below.) This program is available to all partner levels and is designed to reward you for the sales of key Mimio products. The way it works is simple, sell the minimum quantity in any month and receive the associated SPIFF. And this is no April Fool's joke!



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      MimioDisplay Price Change Annoucment

      Posted by Steve Mefford on Jan 29, 2015 12:43:06 PM

      Today we are announcing a change to our North American pricing for the MimioDisplay 550T and 650T models effective immediately.  The new pricing will allow Mimio to be better aligned with competitive offerings.

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      New MimioView High Definition Document Camera Now Available!

      Posted by Steve Mefford on Dec 5, 2014 4:53:37 PM

      We are pleased to announce that the new MimioView high definition document camera is now available!

      Educators can create vibrant lessons with high-definition images or video.

      • Instantly capture HD pictures and live HD video to incorporate into your lessons.
      • HD 1920x1080 imaging.

      The new model of the MimioView document camera uses a single USB (Type B) connection vs. the previous mini USB connection providing increased reliability with the connection and connector.

      The price for the MimioView document camera has increased slightly.  Please refer to the new Educator Pricing form on Partner Resources, or speak with your Mimio Territory Manager for details on the MimioView 340H document camera.    

      The website has been updated with this new information, replacing the previous document camera.  There is a new sell sheet available as well for you -- also available on Partner Resources.

      Please let us know if you have any questions.  

      Steve Mefford

      US Sales Director

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      MimioTeach Price Change Announcement

      Posted by Steve Mefford on Oct 29, 2014 2:06:34 PM


      Today we are announcing a change to our North American pricing for the MimioTeach™ interactive whiteboard, taking effect December 1, 2014.  The new pricing will allow Mimio to accelerate the pace of technological advancements in both our software and our hardware products.

      As of December 1, 2014, the MimioTeach pricing will increase as follows:

      • MSRP:   $1,128
      • Educator Price:  $859

      Your Mimio Territory Manager will be sending you directly your respective new reseller partner pricing for MimioTeach in the next several days.

      The new price for the MimioTeach interactive whiteboard is based upon these primary factors: 

      1. The new features we've added over a number of years to the MimioStudio™ software have incrementally unlocked the potential of the MimioTeach, allowing it to be a much more valuable tool in the classroom than when it was initially introduced.  MimioTeach is the only out-of-the-box, tablet-ready, collaborative, mobile-enabled retrofit solution available on the market today.
      2. On October 21st, we introduced our newest product: the MimioBoard™ touch board. With this product release, Mimio now has a complete suite of technologies for front-of-the-classroom interactive solutions thus allowing us to compete directly with our primary competitors on touch boards.  This in turn further strengthens MimioTeach as a unique product in the marketplace.
      3. Based upon a thorough market analysis of competitive products, we believe this new pricing is appropriate and fair.
      4. Mimio is highly focused on providing the latest technology products to you. To meet this commitment, Mimio must continue to invest further in R&D. 

      For all the foregoing reasons, we believe the MimioTeach interactive whiteboard will easily bear this price increase, thus allowing Mimio more opportunities to grow our software and hardware advancements in the future. Such growth will benefit your business as well as ours.

      If you have any questions regarding this price change, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you. As always, our partnership with you is the cornerstone of our business, and our shared goal is to continue to provide high-quality, uniquely designed, and educationally relevant products for the educators and students we all serve.  


      Steve Mefford

      Director of US Sales


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      Mimio Pricing Update Including MimioBoard Touch Board

      Posted by Steve Mefford on Oct 23, 2014 10:00:00 AM

      Dear Partners

      We have made a few pricing adjustments, as well as adding new pricing. Please review these changes below:

      1. MimioBoard touch board new product pricing.
      2. MimioDisplay demo unit pricing: this pricing is for you to purchase demo units and not for end-user sales.
      3. MimioVote handset pricing update.
      4. MimioMobile 3 and 5 year pricing have been eliminated.

      Your Mimio Territory Manager will share with you the details, but I wanted to let you know overall what the updates are.  


      Steve Mefford

      Director of US Sales


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      Mimio's Product Warranty Info

      Posted by Steve Mefford on Oct 3, 2014 3:34:23 PM

      Hi Mimio Partners,

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