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      New Display and Projector Marketing Resources

      Posted by Holly Fritz-Palao on Apr 18, 2017 7:57:46 AM
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      Cambridge_P9_vig.jpgProColorSeries1_652.pngWe are excited to release the first phase of marketing resources for our NEW displays and projectors!

      The product and marketing team are excited to announce that along with our new displays and projectors, we will be debuting a new format for collateral. This system will be used for our lines with multiple product options, such as projectors and displays. The system will consist of brochures and spec sheets—the brochures will give an overview of the entire line, highlight the benefits, and provide only the key specs so customers can easily compare products and understand the full value of our solutions. We will create spec sheets for every individual product, which will contain the in-depth specs, a photo, description, key features, technical drawing, and connections. We know this will be extremely useful for bids and opportunities where people need specific specs and only want to see information for the product they are interested in.

      The brochures and spec sheets are complete and ready for you to download now.>>

      Please note: We will rework the P12 projectors shortly to reflect this new system.

      We have product photography for the new lines available for you to download now.>>

      We are working to add the new skus to the website, but this will be a temporary update as some of these product pages need to be reworked extensively to better highlight our product line benefits and align with the new brochure system. We hope to have the updates completed in the next 2 weeks.

      Launch Kits
      We will have launch kits for all of the new products. The launch kits contain the low res imagery, the brochure, and spec sheets for you to download.>>

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