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      New Pricing Doc Available to YOU!

      Posted by Steve Mefford on Jan 29, 2014 3:45:00 PM


      Before the start of Q1 tradeshow season, we wanted to provide you with our up to date pricing sheet.  We will be providing this to you twice a year – January and June with what has been updated from the previous pricelist.  By referring to the date, you will know if you are looking at the latest price sheet. The only variation to this schedule is if we have a new product that comes out during another time of year and therefore Mimio will need to update the price sheet in addition to the releases in January and June. 

      With this said, you can reach out to your Territory Manager or distributor for the latest pricelist.  Please note, that there have been significant changes to this pricelist which include:



      o   We’ve updated the format based on some requests which include:

      •   Segmented by interactive display, accessory, bundles, software, spares and legacy products
      •   Added descriptions of each of the products
      •   Printable view for two pages



      o   MimioProjector LAN Card (in SPARES: MimioProjector) – only to be ordered with a new MimioProjector that supports this LAN Card insert

      o   MimioProjector Remote (in SPARES: MimioProjector)

      o   Software Licenses (in MIMIOCLASSROOM: Software Licenses)

      •   Added MimioMobile and MimioStudio District Licenses SKUs
      •   Added MimioMobile Multi-Year License Discounts

      o   Added back in MimioVote Replacement Battery Kit

      o   Added SKU for MimioView Accessory Cable

      o   Added SKU for MimioTeach Security Brackets

      o   Added SKU for MimioTeach Power Supply – International

      o   Added SKU for MimioCapture 2 Recharging Tray

      o   Added SKU for MimioCapture 2 Connector Cable


      o   The Training section since training will now be done by you, our Reseller Partners

      o   MimioScience licenses since this is no longer a product Mimio owns

      o   MimioPad Replacement Stylus for MimioPad 1



      o   Software Licenses for MimioMobile and MimioStudio all have new SKUs

      o   MimioBoard ME77 and ME87 are being discontinued so have been put in the Legacy MimioClassroom Products – While Supplies Last.  This is not due to the quality of these boards, but rather with the transition to the new warehouse, the logistics and cost within this new facility and the lower than expected volume of product sales made this product not financially practical. 

      o   Although bundle quantity discounts are not listed, if you have an outstanding SOR or have a special need for bundle quantity discounts, please speak to your Mimio Territory Manager.

      o   After review of our software licensing cost, we have determined to maintain an equivalent margin to our Reseller Partners in subsequent years after the initial purchase.

      o   Change in price of MimioProjector spares/accessories

      If after receiving this pricing doc you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your Mimio Territory Manager or distributor.  Thank you for your patience as we update and tailor this document to suite your needs.

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