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      Updated Pricing Doc Available NOW

      Posted by Steve Mefford on May 6, 2014 9:00:00 AM


      We'd like to provide you with the updated price sheet with some corrections as well as some changes from the January pricelist.  

      In general, Mimio will be providing a pricelist twice a year – January and June. By referring to the date, you will know if you are looking at the latest price sheet. The only variation to this schedule is a new product that comes out during another time of year or a product is taken off of our pricelist.  Therefore as needed, Mimio will update the price sheet in addition to the releases in January and June. 

      You can reach out to your Territory Manager or distributor for the latest pricelist reflecting the latest changes.  All changes to the current price list are described below including our decision to retire MimioVote 24:


      Changes to the current Mimio Pricing Doc:

      • Since the majority of orders are for MimioVote 32, we have decided to no longer sell MimioVote 24.  For all future orders and communication, please let your customers know we only sell MimioVote 32.  If there is a current bid or quote for MimioVote 24, you can speak to your Mimio Territory Manager about if we can honor MimioVote 24. 
      • MimioStudio’s description does not say Annual anymore; we apologize for the confusion in the previous pricing sheet.  When MimioStudio is purchased, it is a lifetime software license.
      • MimioCapture 2 felt eraser replacement pads also are for MimioCapture 3.  This has been included in the description and available in the corresponding section in the pricing doc.
      • The descriptions of the MimioCapture pens now correspond to the correct color of the MimioCapture pens.
      • We are no longer providing district pricing for MimioStudio or MimioMobile.  If you need a district price for our software or mobile app, you can discuss this price with your Mimio Territory Manager or distributor.


      Answers to questions that have come up:

      • We no longer are offering the MimioHub+MimioStudio bundle. If someone is interested in these items, they can purchase the MimioHub and MimioStudio classroom license separately.
      • We are not selling the MimioView Microscope Adapter separately from the initial purchase of the MimioView – if something urgent comes up, reach out to your Mimio Territory Manager or distributor.
      • We are not selling the tip of the MimioProjector Pen.  If a customer needs a replacement, they can purchase a new MimioProjector Pen.
      • The MimioTeach 2 pack security bracket comes with 2 pieces but is for 1 MimioTeach.
      • NA and International power supplies for MimioTeach are available separately for purchase, but MimioTeach automatically comes with the International Power Supply.

      If after receiving this pricing doc you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your Mimio Territory Manager or distributor.  Happy Tuesday!

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