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      NEW SPIFF Program Starts April, 1, 2015

      Posted by Steve Mefford on Apr 1, 2015 8:30:00 AM

      We are excited to announce a SPIFF program for several of our products (See Chart Below.) This program is available to all partner levels and is designed to reward you for the sales of key Mimio products. The way it works is simple, sell the minimum quantity in any month and receive the associated SPIFF. And this is no April Fool's joke!




      Product SPIFF Start Date End Date Min qty per Month



      4-1-2015 9-30-2015 10


      $20/ea 4-1-2015 9-30-2015 10

      MimioProjector 280I

      $40/ea 4-1-2015 7-1-2015 10

      MimioProjector 280T

      $50/ea 4-1-2015 7-1-2015 10

      55" MimioDisplay

      $75/ea 4-1-2015 9-30-2015 10

      65" MimioDisplay

      $100/ea 4-1-2015 9-30-2015 7

      70" MimioDisplay

      $300/ea 4-1-2015 9-30-2015 5

      84" MimioDisplay

      $500/ea 4-1-2015 9-30-2015 1

      MimioBoard Touch 78"

      $100/ea 4-1-2015 9-30-2015 5

      If you have any questions please talk to your Mimio representative. We can't wait to start rewarding you for your phenomenal sales on these products!


      Terms and Conditions:

      1) This is available to all Authorized Partners (Gold, Silver, Bronze, & National Accounts)

      2) All orders received on or after April 1, 2015 and must be available for immediate shipment, no delayed ship dates.

      3) Payment will be approximately 30 days after SPIFF form is submitted

      a)  A SPIFF form must be completed each month (this can be found on the Partner Resources Site)

      i)  A SPIFF form is to be sent in no later that 5 business days after month ends to qualify (NO EXCEPTIONS)
      ii)  Each sales person at the partner must fill out their own SPIFF form
      iii)  Each sales person at the partner must complete and return a W9
      iv)  Checks will be mailed directly to the address found on the W9
      v)  1099 will be sent at the end of the year

      b)  If products are returned there will be a charge back = SPIFF value + re-stocking fee

      c)  Steve Mefford (Director of Sales) will validate all SPIFF submissions each month

      4)  Each product SPIFF stand alone and cannot be combined with any other offer in terms of minimum quantity required to qualify or price.




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