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      New Firmware for ProColor 3 and MimioPro 4 Interactive Panels - Coming Soon

      Posted by Boxlight on Dec 2, 2022 1:30:00 PM

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      Topics: Update, interactive displays, #firmware

      New Update of Cleverstore and More

      Posted by Boxlight on Sep 22, 2022 9:00:00 AM

      There is a new update to Cleverstore and LYNX Whiteboard that resolves some issues that affected the user experience. In addition, there is an update to Google Chrome for those that prefer this browser. 

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      Topics: Update, MimioPro 4, Cleverstore, IMPACT Max

      ProColor Series 3 Aug 2022 Firmware Release Notes

      Posted by Boxlight on Sep 2, 2022 7:25:24 PM

      The award-winning ProColor interactive display has announced a new firmware release, including improved annotation tools, QR code for sharing Notes, and the Unplug'd screen mirroring app now supports Webcast, Chromecast, and Miracast.

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      Topics: ProColor, Update

      ProColor Series 3 January 2022 Firmware Release Notes

      Posted by Boxlight on Jan 14, 2022 9:00:00 AM

      The award-winning ProColor interactive display has announced new firmware release notes, including the addition of the MimioMessage app which turns the display into a communications tool. Users can use MimioMessage to broadcast messages, information, and alerts to staff, students, and visitors to a site (school, district offices, etc.). More information on this innovative app available on all ProColor displays will be coming soon! 

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      Topics: ProColor, Update

      MimioStudio Version 12 Now Available!

      Posted by Boxlight on Aug 13, 2021 9:15:00 AM

      We’re excited to announce that our dynamic MimioStudio™ classroom software has released Version 12 for Windows and Mac! New features include an updated UI and 4K ready, ultra-wide, and UHD resolutions available in Page Setup, and MimioFrame and MimioSpace can activate Studio software. There are also improvements such as support for the latest ProColor interactive display, and to import of SMART Notebook, Promethean, PowerPoint, and PDF files. For more information, including downloading MimioStudio software, please go to 

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      Topics: MimioStudio, Update

      Boxlight ProColor Series 3 Firmware Release and Update

      Posted by Boxlight on Feb 17, 2021 9:00:00 AM

      We have exciting news! The MimioMarket App will be available on the ProColor Series 3 panels on February 19! MimioMarket gives users access to over 100 safe and tested apps for education. Our App Team checks every app submitted to the store and you can be sure apps will be free of advertisements, in-app purchases, and inappropriate content.

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      Topics: Educational Apps, ProColor, Update

      Boxlight Over-the-Air (OTA) Firmware Update on ProColor Series 3

      Posted by Boxlight on Oct 29, 2020 10:10:06 AM

      Boxlight ProColor Series 3 display supports OTA firmware updates. This functionality requires that the built-in Android OS on the display is connected to a live internet connection. OTA firmware updates are helpful in keeping the panel up to date with the latest apps versions and bug fixes available. By using the OTA method versus a manual method, file settings are retained.

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